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Joseph P. Green, the youngest of eleven children was born in Richmond, Virginia. He is married to Maria Arcos-Green from Panama. For over 30 years, Pastor Green has devoted himself to Middle Eastern Studies concentrating on the Jewish Roots of Christianity. Under the guidance of Dr. Roy Blizzard, Jr. he received training involving excavations in Israel around the Mediterranean Sea and onsite research around the Temple Mount the Dead Sea and Qumran.

Pastor Green also studied with Dr. Cain Hope Felder in South Africa, Zimbabwe, (where he met the Lemba tribe) , Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt) Greece and England.

His training includes two years at Word of Faith and one year of Sermon Preparation at Virginia Union Theological Seminary.

Pastor Green is a member of the Petersburg Area Clergy Association, an adviser for Women's Aglow, a lifetime member of Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International, co-founder of Emmanuel Worship Center, founder of Emmanuel Worship Center Biblical Institute and visionary for weekly Transformation Prayer in the city of Petersburg.